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The Large Cannabis Salve alleviates discomfort from pain, tension and inflammation without experiencing the psychoactive or mental effects of Cannabis. The Balm has a creamy texture and a pleasant herbal/lavender scent that is absorbed effectively into the skin. Effects can be felt within 20-30 minutes.

This stuff really does work for pain, including for arthritis pain, shoulder, knee, hip or any pain.


Ingredients: Organic Medical Grade Cannabis Sativa/Indica, Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, Organic Shea butter, Beeswax and Organic Lavender Oil.

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on Nov 3, 2018
I do a lot of walking and experience frequent pain and swelling in my knees. A friend recommended this product and it has helped to bring relief to both my pain and swelling in my knees making it possible to keep active. Terrific product!


My mom and a good friend of mine have used this on their feet and hands. Both people have rheumatoid arthritis which is very painful. They experience results in about 15-20 mins and reapply about every 1.5 hrs. It has eased my muscular back pain due to strained/pulled muscles. I've also used it on sore muscles/knees after hiking. This salve is 100% effective and is worth absolutely every penny. I encourage anyone who is considering it--purchase some. Grab the 4oz and don't be stingy applying it. 


Not bad, felt some temp. relief for a rotator cuff tear in shoulder (very painful) and some herniated discs in neck..used it like twice a day..seemed to help a bit relieve pain to a degree...get the large- small one doesn't last long..


I tried this balm a while back. I have a wrist that broke/healed wrong, so it is always giving me a pain. This product works. I gave it to my Mom and she's sold on it as well as a few of her friends


I have arthritis in my shoulder, lower back and knee.
I started using this product about a month ago and my pain and discomfort has greatly improved. My arm and shoulder was so sore I could barely raise it. I have a increase in movement now and can do everyday tasks with less pain and effort. I feel better every day...
I have sciatica in my lower back and it is also helping me keep the sciatic pain in check. My lower back is not so tight and sore anymore.
My left knee has osteoarthritis. I use the salve morning and night and it lessens the pain to where I can walk without difficulty.  
My life has been a whole lot better without all the pain and discomfort I had before using the salve.
I highly recommend this is truly amazing.
Thank You...Sharon Larson


I have Lyme disease and suffer a great deal from a lot of inflammation and pain. This product has been a Godsend for many of the issues I deal with on a day to day basis, as well as some of the rashes I encounter. I even had a burn from a high concentration Hydrogen Peroxide that never got bad because I immediately applied the balm to the affected area. I love this product more than anything else I have tried. Some places have tried to sell products under a similar name, but I have had none thus far that work as well. 

I have severe osteoarthritis in my thumbs resulting in sharp stabbing nerve pain but when I apply the salve it reduces the sharp stabbing pains 80% allowing my to go about my day. I also recommend it to everyone I know. I love it!



Since using the Cannabis Salve I have had less pre-cancerous skin spots. I would recommend to anyone looking for reduction in skin cancer problems.


I tried this balm, not expecting any results. But my pain decreased from a level 9 to a 3 within 1 hour. Each time I have used it, I get relief in a way that no other cream has given me!

I am loving the salve I purchased from you. I have found PROFOUND relief for my chronic back issues, particularly lower back in the sacral region. I am also applying this to my geriatric dog's warts and seeing shrinkage after 1 week of use. I just applied it to another dog's bacterial/fungal infected ear canal and am seeing him free of pain and bright eyed after the application. I am confident the ear issue will heal!! Thank you!


This balm works really well on my shoulder pain. I have chronic pain from an old injury and each time I use the balm, it works. I don't feel the pain and I can go about my day without any numbness or side effects. I will definitely be buying more!